About Me

I work from two offices:

•My home office in Evanston, near Evanston Hospital (convenient to the Central Street “el” and Metra stops), and

•Downtown Glencoe, at the North Shore Learning Clinic, 373 Park Avenue, above the Glencoe Historical Society.

•Contact:  by email, jay@psychatlarge.com, or through the contact page on this website; by phone, 8472123259.

As an undergraduate at Goddard College, a small, student-centered college in Vermont, I studied child development, brain structure and function, experiential psychotherapy, and the psychology of spirituality.  Looking back 40 years later, these themes have intertwined throughout my career as a psychologist.  Psychotherapy has been my first love, but my path has also taken me through training and practice in psychological and neuropsychological evaluation, vocational rehabilitation, work with chronically mentally ill adults, organizational psychology and executive leadership (both as a teacher and as a hands-on leader), learning and attention disorders, educational consultation, training and consulting with psychotherapists and psychological evaluators, and private practice.  Lately, my psychological path has been more interwoven with my parallel career as a singer-songwriter, opening up still new possibilities and directions.

Today, all these interests, tracks, and experiences have woven together into what I call the “patchwork quilt” of my practice.  I provide services in:

Psychotherapy, with individuals, couples, and families.  This is talk therapy, sometimes augmented with relaxation training, cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy, when it seems to be helpful for clients.  Psychotherapy is not a “one size fits all” process.  I have to find out what the client needs, and we have to see, together, whether our working relationship can evolve into a good working relationship.

       •Diagnostic psychological evaluations, including evaluations of learning and attention disorders, personality and emotional styles and issues, and dementias.

       •Personal and career coaching, not therapy, but reflecting on how one is going about one’s life and career, and making changes as seem appropriate in the light of reflection

       •Remote consultations via Skype and iChat; consultations only, not therapy.

       •Organizational consultation, where the organization is the client

       •Spiritually informed counseling, integrating spiritual issues with personal and professional ones

       •Artistically informed counseling, integrating the creative process and art-making into one’s life

       •Organizational training, in communications, relationship, teamwork, leadership, and difficult conversation skills

       •Presentations on the psychology of religion and spirituality, which can include performance of songs I’ve written in my singer-songwriter career; for further information, see www.elephantinthedark.com.

       •Consultation with therapists

These interests are reflected through a number of activities and projects, a selection of which are listed here (link).

The next step, for those who might be interested in working with me in therapy or consultation, is to contact me to set up an initial meeting.  There is a charge for that meeting, but no obligation whatsoever to continue afterward.  There is no “one size fits all” therapy or consultation.  My goal is always to help people find the therapeutic or consultive relationship that meets their needs at the time.  And if that’s with me, then great, and if it’s with someone else, then that’s great too.