Jay Einhorn, Ph.D., LCPC, Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

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I’m changing my practice in response to my recent diagnosis of cancer.  I will continue my work as a therapist and teacher, which is a big part of the meaning and enjoyment of my life, but some things will have to change.  I’ll continue to work with clients who are not in crisis, can accommodate a somewhat uncertain schedule, and are available for online as well as office sessions.   I’ll welcome new therapy clients, individuals and couples, seeking help in cultivating their reflection and self-awareness.  I’ll also welcome colleagues seeking mentoring consultation in the expanded model of psychodynamic therapy that I’ve developed.  My blog post on consultation is at https://psychatlarge.com/consultation-to-refine-therapists-perceptions-and-skills/, and I’ll have future blog posts on psychodynamic psychotherapy and other topics.  As always, I can be reached at 847-212-3259, jay@psychatlarge.com.