Client’s Observation

Sometimes a client makes an observation in a therapy session that is so profound and eloquent that I am moved to write it down and, with permission, share it.  Here is such a comment:

“It really can’t be overstated, how much we carry from childhood, of being hurt, abandoned.  And the resulting kind of adaptations, adjustments we make to survive, when we’re so broken.  It just feels so old, it never ceases to surprise me how present that feeling of old pain is, or old loss, or old sadness.  I feel better today, but still I feel the loss as a child.  I suppose we never really completely lose that, do we, that sense, except through embracing the child, of course, and caring for it, respecting it, offering consideration and space and voice to that child, like any normal child…In some ways those original patterns remain, and we simply build new patterns around them or through them.  Which is kind of a cool thought, because as we evolve through, we can refer to those old patterns as we help others.  What a nice gift…It is a wonderful experience, reencountering the gift of transcendence.  It’s very cool.”

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